Buying a car may not be hard in today’s world but maintaining the same car may not be as easy if you don’t know much about your own car. Knowing your own car is key step in maintaining a car over the years. Many car owners usually don’t take the necessary measures that help to increase the lifespan of their cars and as a result they end up facing serious problems that could have been avoided with a little bit of care towards their car.

Every car owner has the same intention of getting the most out of their vehicles. Here I’ll suggest some suggestion that are highly effective to increase the lifespan of your car. And its not necessary that you all these things by yourself, you can simply go to your mechanic and get things done.

Here I’ll not only talk about how to maintain your car over the years but how much you can save if you will take good care of your car by doing the little things which I’ll about in this blog.

How to maintain a car
Check the Engine Oil

Lets start this by talking about changing your engine oil regularly. You can check the level of oil in your engine by checking the dipstick which is usually yellow in colour and be sure to use the oil that’s specified on the cap for example 10w30 and with late-model cars it’s even more important because a lot of them are made only to use synthetic oil they got to use a 0w ten or 0w 20 or so they’re so complicated inside with variable valve timing they have to have very good oil flow you got to keep it clean and you have to use the correct viscosity.

Check Tire Air Pressure

A car needs to have an adequate amount of air pressure in the tires to make the most out of its mileage. When refilling tires with air be sure
to set the air pump pressure as claimed by manufacturer located on a sticker on the driver’s side door frame.

Rotate Your Tires

Taking about the tires, if you want to make the best out of your car’s tires always remember to rotate the tires periodically. Rotating is no rocket science and it can be done at home easily. This practice is done to increase lifespan of the tires. If its not clear to you how this works, the practice of tire rotation means taking off each tire and putting it back in another location for e.g. switching the left and right tires.

Wash the Car

This tip has to do with your car’s body if you want to keep your car shiny you want to wax the thing it’s a good idea to wax it four times a year or once a season. As naughty as it sounds the paint on your vehicle is to remain somewhat flexible waxing keeps it flexible, if it’s not and it dries up then your paint all cracks and looks horrible.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter is responsible for streamlined air flow and overall performance of your vehicle. It is a very cheap trade and is extremely easy to replace. When you feel your car is not performing as well as it used to it is possible that you have a dirty air filter that need replacing. Keep in mind that frequent driving in harsh conditions, like dirt roads, will dirty up your air filter fairly quickly.

Change the Engine Coolant

Coolant is the fluid that helps the engine from melting down from inordinate heat when its running and for apparent reasons this should not be ignored. Now decades ago you had to change the coolant every three years because that’s all it was good for but modern cars use extended life so check with your car what it uses. So every now and then have a glance under your car to see if any fluids are leaking.

How to maintain a car
Change the Automatic-Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid gets dirty over time and again decades ago they told you to change the automatic transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. Now modern vehicle’s have better metal and technology in them so you need change them a lot less frequently but I still don’t believe in this lifetime fluid nonsense all fluids get dirty and start to wear stuff internally from friction and you’d want to use the correct fluid just like the oil you want to use the one that manufacturer uses but you still want to change it say every forty to seventy thousand miles. You can the level of transmission fluid in your car using a dipstick which is red in colour. A good indication of when transmission fluid needs to be changed is when it changes color from red to a dirty brown.

Look at the Brakes

It really isn’t a big deal to tell when your vehicle’s brakes need maintenance. Some symptoms include noisy brakes, longer braking distances or just the general feeling that your brakes are not performing as well as they used to. In such situations it is best to just have your mechanic a look at it.

Check Fuel Level

This is something which is ignored by a lot of people. Never run your car lower than a quarter tank full of fuel. It is an electric fuel pump in your tank that pumps fuel to your engine and it’s a it’s a whole bunch of tiny little winding in there and it actually uses the gas to keep it cool. What happens when it gets below a quarter it’s not enough fuel sloshing back and forth to keep that pump cool. To keep the fuel pump cool and your money safe always remember to keep your car fuel level above quarter tank.

So this will be it for this blog and we sure will be coming up with more maintenance tips and help you enlarge the lifespan of your car. Till that time take good care of your car.

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