Modding a car is something that every car enthusiast will go through at some point. The veterans are well aware of what to expect but for someone who’s never modded or been around other car enthusiasts it can be hard finding a place to start. With that being said let’s first start with important factors that you should be aware of if it’s your first time modding a car.


Don’t mod a brand new car right away

Real life isn’t like Forza, you can’t just buy a car and mod it. Whether it’s a new or an old car give it a least a month or two to spend some time with the car to get to know your car. This is especially important for new cars as they go through a break-in period. Insurance companies will also be less likely to help you if you mod your car right away as they expect the car to run brand new. Now talking about an old car, old cars can have a surplus of problems even if you do a pre-purchase inspection. There’s no telling how much the previous owners kept in from you the best thing to do is to play it safe and give yourself at a month.

Modding a car affects its resale value

Modding a car doesn’t necessarily mean that it will increase the resale value of your car as most of the buyers will be seeking for a stock car and a modded car will surely turn them off hence decreasing the resale value of your car. But the solution for this problem is to keep all the stock parts of your car so when you are selling your car sell it with the stock parts and sell your mods separately which in return will give you profit.

Modding a car will void its warranty

Another thing to keep in mind is that modifying your car will lead to invalidating the warranty if you are purchasing a brand new car. This can be a huge crippling loss since most new cars come standard with warranties so losing something like that can be quite painful.

Planning your mods

Browsing of mods can be exciting as a first time buyer but you need plan out what your first few mods are going to be. This isn’t just a method to save but it can also prevent compatibility issues. So it’s up to you to make sure everything is looking fine and dandy when browsing their web sites and many aftermarket manufacturers will tell you everything you need to know about the component. If you are having trouble finding that information the pay a visit to the forums. Forums are a seriously helpful resource for car enthusiasts especially for those just starting out.

The Failure

So you got all the help you needed from forums and you are ready to go with the DIY and you expect everything to go smooth and nice when modding a car but that doesn’t happen all the time. There are chances that you will fail which means that there will be some mods which go in the way you expected them to be but that’s okay everything has a solution. Keep doing it until its properly done, don’t lose hope.

Modding a car


Every car guy loves improving his car in many ways depending on his personal tastes and needs. Here’s the list to the simple mods which will not only make your look better but make it more speed friendly.


You may have a car with incredible coilovers, power that can move earth itself and brakes that could even stop a tank. Thing is though, the only thing between your car and the road is the rubber on your wheels. A new set of performance tires can massively improve your car’s comfort and grip.


when a manufacturer designs a car they usually design it with sales a.k.a profit in mind that means the car must be as cheap as possible while handling good enough and being comfortable enough for average person. Car guy though usually wants better cornering above all in this way he should invest in a tried and tested suspension setup.


Talking about brakes that could stop a tank, chances are it yours usually can’t and that’s totally fine unless you drive a tank. OEM brakes are usually built to be more than perfect for daily driving cheap to service and able to quickly stop the car to avoid accidents. The problem is that they heat up quickly and become useless after a couple of minutes of hard driving. This, exactly, is your upgraded brake pads come into play.


No,  I am NOT talking about 10″ inch white rotors with negative a million offset with stretched mountain bike tires on. What I’m talking about is a nice set of  lightweight and durable alloys that can improve cornering, acceleration, steering feel and even your car’s ride. And if we are talking about a set of sexy wheels let’s not forget that they can completely transform the way your car looks.


Whether this is worth it or not is completely car specific. As a general rule this is incredible value for money on turbo cars with remapping ECU’s. Stage 1 usually refers to a free-flowing intake, less restrictive exhaust and a remap. Some cars can seek a power increase of about 50% while keeping the reliability and drivability of the stock car.

So this will be it for this post, we sure will be coming up with more tips on modding your car until then have a good time modding your car.


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