Wacky racers profile

Wacky Racers

This show was brilliant in its day. Taking ideas from 1960s slapstick, the show was popular among the young and old and is widely agreed as one of the best cartoons ever made. While there were countless racers, here is a profile of the 10 most regularly appearing characters.

No time like the present for a trip (or a drive?) into childhood nostalgia. Continue Reading →

The Range Rover vs. Range Rover Sport which one should I buy?

2014 Range Rover Sport

Range Rover

Prices for the Range Rover start from £71,310.

The Range Rover Vogue is the daddy of the range. The entry level model features Jaguar Land Rover’s trusty TDV6 engine, which is 450 kg lighter than the previous version. The result is epic. The Vogue is now sharper than ever, and it’s surprisingly nimble for such a large car.

The best engine however, for me, is the SDV8 which starts from £78,120. This has a whopping 516 lb /ft of torque and makes overtaking anywhere a breeze. Continue Reading →

The Ford Ka 2015 first look

Ford Ka 2015

Some people say that the Ford Ka has lost its roots – when it was first launched, the Ka was a tiny and cheap car that boasted itself as the best way for young drivers to get on the road. Today, the Ka is much bigger and more expensive, but this is a trend that’s affected all cars – simply, people have come to expect luxury and refinement. In order to address this, car manufacturers must add more space.

As such, the 2015 Ford Ka is set to be even larger than the current model. This will be essentially the same car as the Ford Figo, which Ford has sold 100,000 of in Brazil. Come 2015, it’ll have the same platform , but a revised chassis and suspension set up for the European market, and relatively the same dimensions. Continue Reading →

The Honda S660 Concept

Honda S660 Concept

Honda have plenty of exciting production cars lined up over the next 2 years – the Honda Civic Type R and Honda NSX are two such examples – but the Japanese car manufacturer is also causing quite a stir with their concept designs which offer a tantalising glimpse in to the future of Honda and its mission.

The Honda S660 is one car that has caught the attention of the motoring press. This concept car has been described as ‘an open-top sports-type mini-vehicle’ by Honda, and as its name suggests, it will feature a 660cc engine and will be aimed at the Japanese Kei car market – Kei cars must be less than 3.4 metres long and 1.49 metres wide. Continue Reading →